Dental Implants Cost: How Much Does It Really Cost To Get Dental Implants?

Medically reviewed by Dr Gloria Kong

If you have been looking for dental implants, you might have noticed that the cost range of dental implants in Singapore can vary greatly. Dental Clinic A might be charging $999 per dental implant, Dental Clinic B might have priced their implants at $2,000 and Dental Clinic C at $3,500 per tooth. 

Perhaps you might be thinking whether Dental Clinic C is overcharging their patients. You might even be wondering: Why are dental implants so expensive! 

The cost of dental implant treatment can vary primarily because of three key factors: Your current oral health condition, the brand of dental implants used and the experience of your dental implant surgeon. 

Patients that have good oral health do not usually require as many additional treatments before the dental implant procedure. However, if you have poor oral health or suffer from gum disease, it would be necessary to treat your gum disease before dental implant treatment. This would contribute to the overall cost of your treatment.

If you are exploring dental implants and would like to budget for treatment or know whether you have been overcharged for your dental implants, this article will help you put dental implants cost of treatment into perspective. 


The TDLR of Dental Implants Cost:

  • Dental implants can get very expensive in Singapore. 
  • The cost range of dental implants treatment in Singapore ranges from $2,000 to more than $6,000. 
  • The total cost might be dependent on your current oral health condition. There might be additional procedures recommended by your dentist that you should budget for. 
  • The cost of dental implants is partially covered by Medisave and certain insurance providers. 
  • Dental implants are a long-term investment in your overall dental and systemic health, with benefits that outweigh the cost of treatment. 


Factors That Impact Dental Implant Cost

If you have tried to seek a cost estimate at any dental clinic in Singapore, you would find that most dental clinics would have given you a cost range instead of an exact cost for dental implant treatment. 

While this might seem intransparent, it is usually not the case. 

The reason why clinics are reluctant to pinpoint the exact cost is because the total cost of your dental implant treatment is reliant on multiple factors that might be hard to determine over an enquiry or virtual consultation. 

Some of these factors are: 

  • Is your current oral health good or bad? 
  • Do you have symptoms of gum disease like bleeding and swollen gums, receding gums, that require further periodontal assistance before dental implants treatment. 
  • How many teeth are you intending to replace with dental implants? 
  • Do you require additional treatments like gum grafting, bone grafting or a sinus lift before surgery? 
  • Are you seeking consultation with a dentist or specialist?  
  • Is your dentist or specialist focused on dental implants treatment? 
  • Does your dentist or specialist have a lot of experience working with dental implants?
  • What brand of dental implants will your dental surgeon be using? 
  • Is your dental surgeon using computer-guided dental implants during surgery?
  • Do you require additional support, like sedation, during surgery?


While this list might appear intimidating at first glance, it does not mean that your dental implants treatment cost will balloon and become unaffordable. 

Most patients who have had regular or semi-regular dental maintenance and care do not require extensive pre-treatments before dental implant surgery. However, should you require additional treatment, there are financial subsidies like Medisave available in Singapore to help you offset the cost of treatment. 

If you qualify, Medisave is able to cover a portion of the following surgical procedures: 

  • Gum surgery 
  • Bone grafting 
  • Sinus lift 
  • Dental implant surgery 


Let Kong Dental Surgery assist you with checking your Medisave eligibility for dental implants treatment.


Average Dental Implants Cost of Treatment 

The average cost of dental implants treatment in Singapore is about $2,000 – $6,000 per tooth (before Medisave). The cost of dental implant treatment usually includes the dental crown as well as the dental implant surgery. 

At Kong Dental Surgery, our treatment costs for dental implants are as follows: 



Consultation (General Dentist) $15 – $50 
Consultation (Specialist) $65 – $105
Tissue Grafting From $300
Bone Grafting $500 – $800
Guided Bone Regeneration From $1,250
Dental Implant Surgery From $2,800


It is my hope that the table above can act as a guide for how much you will likely be spending on dental implants treatment should you choose to head to your local dental clinic near you. 


What Do Dental Implants Cost of Treatment Usually Include?

The cost of dental implant in Singapore usually includes the dental implant surgery, the abutment, the screw and the crown. 

What the cost of dental implants in Singapore does not include is the cost of any additional treatments that you require before dental implant treatment. This might include any periodontal treatment costs you might incur. 

One thing that you should be careful about when comparing prices of dental implants is that some dental clinics might not include the cost of the crown into their marketing rates. You might be enticed by dental implants that cost less than a thousand dollars, only to find out that the aggregated cost is more expensive than what has been marketed. 

While some dental clinics might inform you of this before you book an appointment, others might not. To avoid unnecessary disappointments, make sure that you are fully prepared. Ask the dental clinic that you are intending to head to for your dental implants consultation the following questions: 

  • What does the cost of dental implants include? 
  • Are there any other additional costs that I need to be aware of? E.g. consultation, X-rays, sedation for pain management
  • What are some dental procedures that I would most likely need to undergo before dental implants treatment, and how much do they cost? 


A dental clinic who is committed to your care will provide clear and direct answers on the estimated cost and breakdown of your dental implants treatment.  


Expensive Dental Implants Cost: Why Are Dental Implants So Costly? 

Dental implants can get expensive because of the cost of the materials used for the dental implant procedure, the complexity of the dental implants placement process and the length of the entire procedure. Unlike dental procedures like dental fillings or wisdom tooth extractions that can be completed in one-sitting, dental implants treatment usually takes at least 6 to 9 months before completion.

When you visit a dental professional for your dental implant treatment, the process begins with a thorough dental examination and consultation. During the examination, X-rays are taken to determine whether you are suitable for dental implants. This involves identifying the density of your jaw bone structure, the health of your gums and your overall oral health. 

Some patients are hesitant about taking X-rays as they believe that X-rays are just a money-making ploy that dental clinics use. Other patients are reluctant because of the fear of being exposed to the radiation from X-rays. Let me reassure you that both are not true. Without X-rays, it is not possible for your dental surgeon to accurately determine the position at which your dental implant should be placed, or whether there are any potential risks and complications that he or she needs to be aware of. Doing dental implant treatment without X-rays is like reversing a car without the use of any mirrors or visual support. It can be dangerous. 

Should you have poor gum health, you will have to undergo periodontal treatment before your dental implants treatment. This might involve scaling and root planing, gum surgery to treat receding gums, or even bone grafting. Having healthy gums is an important prep before dental implant treatment. The gums help you support the new tooth. Undergoing dental implant treatment without first treating poor gum health can be detrimental to the success of your dental implant treatment and cause potential infections

After you have completed the necessary treatments to prepare for dental implant surgery, your dentist will insert a screw-shaped implant body into your jawbone at the implant site. The healing process will take a few weeks or even months. Your next session with your dental surgeon will only take place once the implant site has healed. 

As soon as your implant site has recovered, your dental surgeon will extend the implant body with an abutment. The abutment is a reinforcing post to anchor the new tooth. 

A dental lab that your dental surgeon works with closely will then manufacture a custom-made dental crown that matches the colour of your existing teeth. The crown is usually made from ceramic or porcelain and is fastened onto your abutment with a screw or dental cement. Depending on your preferred needs and budget, porcelain crowns are usually more costly than ceramic crowns due to their overall durability. 


Where Can I Get More Affordable Dental Implants? 

If dental implants cost is stopping you from getting treatment immediately for your missing teeth, there are many affordable dental implant providers in Singapore. One of them is at my dental clinic – Kong Dental Surgery. 

Each of our heartland clinics in Jurong East, Teck Whye Lane, Limbang, Sunshine Place and Yew Tee Point, have tweaked our dental costs to be cost-friendly and transparent. The cost of dental implants treatment at Kong Dental Surgery ranges from $2,800 onwards. Should you qualify for Medisave subsidy, your total cost of dental implant treatment per tooth is $1,850 per tooth. 

Read more about available Medisave subsidies for gum disease treatment. 

The cost of dental treatment includes the dental implant surgery, the dental abutment, dental screw and dental crown. 

Regardless of where you eventually get your dental implants, it is important to consider a few factors: 

  • Is the dental clinic that you are heading to using modern technology and equipment? 
  • Is the dental clinic that you are heading to safe and sanitary? 
  • Is the dental clinic that you are heading to focused on dental implants treatment? 
  • Does the dental surgeon have experience working with both simple and complex dental implants treatments? 
  • Does the dental clinic have a good reputation for successful dental implant cases? 


While treatment affordability might play a big part in your dental implant provider decision making process, it is equally important to consider other factors that can impact the success of your dental implant treatment. Cheap does not always equate to being good, especially when it comes to healthcare services. 


Cheap Dental Implants Cost: Why You Should Say No To Cheap Dental Implants

Cheap dental implants can be a huge draw for many patients. A good deal is hard to say no to. However, I highly recommend against choosing a dental provider simply based on the cost of their dental implants treatment. 

To be clear, this does not mean that the more expensive dental implants are, the better the success rates of the dental implant treatment. It also does not mean that cheap dental implants are bad dental implants. There is more to successful dental implants treatment than the overall cost of treatment.

When you choose dental implants, I am sure that you have considered alternatives to dental implants to see whether they are suitable for your needs as well. You might have found that dental implants are more natural and allow you to eat foods that would not have been possible with traditional dentures. 

This is only possible if the dental clinic that you head to offers high-quality dental implant materials and use dental laboratories with high standards of production. High-quality dental implants and dental laboratories usually come at a slight premium. A dental clinic that offers low-cost dental implants treatment might be sacrificing on quality. This can cost you more in the long-term. 


Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost?

Though more expensive than other teeth replacement alternatives like dental bridges and traditional dentures, dental implants can be worth the investment. Living without your teeth can make chewing, eating and speaking hard. It can also cause oral and health problems down the road. 

If you are currently wearing dentures, you might be experiencing the discomfort of dentures shifting against your gums. In some cases, your dentures might have impeded your ability to speak properly. You might even have had to forgo certain foods because of dentures. Dental implants behave just like your original teeth and help you regain your ability to eat and speak confidently and properly. 

Some patients who have come to us to replace their dentures for dental implants tell us that dental implants have given them the freedom to eat all the foods that they could not do so previously because of their dentures. Their overall quality of life is improved because of dental implant treatment.

While it is undeniable that dental implants do cost more than other similar treatments, the advantages usually outweigh the cost of treatment. 


Dental implants are a more expensive teeth replacement alternative but can be a good investment in your oral health and systemic health

Should you be considering dental implants, the cost should not be a major deterrent. There are available affordable dental implant clinic providers in Singapore that are able to provide lower-cost and quality dental implants treatment. There are also governmental subsidies like Medisave that are able to subsidise the total cost of treatment. 

Dental implants are usually more expensive than traditional dentures or dental bridges, but are a preferred choice if you would like a more natural and permanent tooth replacement. 

Book an appointment with a trusted dental implants provider. 

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