Gum Disease Cost: How Much Does It Really Cost You? (2024)

Medically reviewed by Dr Gloria Kong

Gum disease cost of treatment can vary from patient to patient. It is also dependent on many factors, such as the extent of your gum disease progression, and whether you are heading to a dentist or specialist. 

Some patients that I see notice the symptoms of gum disease early and head directly to me. Early symptoms of gum disease can include bleeding, swollen, tender or reddish, purplish gums. If your gum disease has not progressed too far, it is possible for you to only require professional dental cleaning (prophylaxis) or home natural remedies for gingivitis


Red and swollen gums of a woman

However, if you are not aware of the symptoms and only catch on when gum disease has advanced, it can progress to advanced gum disease or periodontitis. When this happens, the treatment required is more intensive and requires specialised deep cleaning called scaling and root planing. 

In some instances, gum disease might have progressed to the point where it requires the help of a periodontal specialist. A periodontal specialist will perform advanced procedures like gum grafting. 

If you are reading this article, you or someone you know might be suffering from gum disease and would like a quick check on how much it actually costs to treat it. Before you read on to find out about the costs of treatment, I highly recommend you seek immediate dental help before it is too late. Gum disease is a silent disease that can cost you in the long-term. 

The TDLR on Gum Disease Cost: 

The cost of gum disease can vary greatly. 

  • The cost range of gum disease treatment in Singapore goes from about $150 to thousands of dollars. 
  • Treatment of gum disease gets more expensive if it has advanced into the later stages. 
  • It is possible to ask your preferred dental clinic what financial subsidies and schemes are available based on your current condition and treatment plan. 
  • The long-term impact of living with gum disease can outweigh and cost more than if you headed to a dentist immediately. 


Factors That Impact The Gum Disease Cost of Treatment 

There are some factors that will affect the cost of your treatment of gum disease. The factors are: 

  • Is your gum disease in its early or advanced stages?
  • How good or bad is your current oral health? 
  • Are you seeking consultation with a dentist or specialist?  
  • Does your dentist or specialist have a lot of experience working with gum disease
  • Does your gum disease require the assistance and support of a periodontal specialist? 
  • Does your gum disease treatment require advanced treatments like gum grafting, and gingival flap surgery? 
  • Has your gum disease progressed to the point where you require additional treatments like dental implants
  • Do you require follow-up care


Many dental clinics are hesitant to disclose the exact cost of treating gum disease without a proper dental examination and consultation as the exact cost can differ based on the factors mentioned. 

It would be irresponsible and a bad reflection of the clinic if a clinic were to quote a certain amount based on an enquiry just to entice a patient to visit the clinic only for the patient to have to fork out a different amount (usually higher) later. 

A patient with relatively good oral health and early stage gum disease might be able to get treated at a lower cost than a patient who has not visited a dental clinic for a long time and does not have good dental hygiene. 

However, do not let the cost of gum disease treatment deter you from seeking treatment. There are many ways to offset the cost of your gum disease treatment that your dental clinic in Singapore can advise you on and assist you with. Taking the first step to seek help can stem the progression of gum disease in its tracks and help reduce the potential cost of treatment. 


Average Periodontal Treatment Costs 

In Singapore, the average cost of periodontal treatment ranges from $70 for a simple, non-surgical professional dental cleaning to $120 per quadrant onwards for scaling and root planing. 

At Kong Dental Surgery, our treatment costs for gum disease are as follows: 



Scaling and Root Planing $125 – $155 per quadrant 
Tissue Grafting From $300
Bone Grafting $500 – $800
Guided Bone Regeneration From $1,250
Crown Lengthening From $200


Gum Disease Cost: Treatment Cost Per Quadrant – What Does This Mean? 

When you head to a dental clinic, your dentist might say that it costs $x per quadrant. You might be wondering: What on earth is a quadrant? 

In simple terms, a quadrant refers to sections in your mouth. Your mouth can be divided into four quadrants – Quadrant 1, Quadrant 2, Quadrant 3 and Quadrant 4. 

When a dentist is quoting you per quadrant, you can multiply the total cost by 4. Take for example, if you are charged $200 per quadrant, you would be paying a total of $800. 


Why Is Gum Disease Cost of Treatment So Expensive? 

Treating gum disease can get really expensive as the disease progresses into its later stages as it requires complex surgeries and treatments, multiple reviews from the clinicians and more advanced dental treatments and equipment to help clinicians treat your gum disease. 

I often liken gum disease to a potted plant that has been neglected. While the plant might appear in the green of health (early-stage gum disease or gingivitis), it might begin to lose its leaves slowly due to a fungal infection or root rot. Both of which are almost inconspicuous. As the fungal infection and rot advances (late-stage gum disease or periodontitis), the plant begins to wither. By then, it gets harder to restore the health of the plant, or in this case, your gums. 

Gum disease can also cause other systemic health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and birth defects (in pregnant women). 

The cost of delaying treatment is high. One way to avoid these unnecessary costs and health risks, is to ensure that you head in for preventative checks before gum disease happens. A dentist will be able to help you restore the health of your gums and save your money in the long-term. 


Do Not Let The Cost Of Gum Disease Treatment Stop You From Seeking Help

If you are thinking of seeking help from a dentist for treatment, do not let the cost of gum disease treatment stop you. The cost of gum disease treatment does not have to be high – especially if you take quick and immediate steps to treat it. 

While having a consultation with your dentist, you might discover that the cost of treatment might not be as prohibitive as you thought, or that there are available governmental and/or insurance subsidies that can help you offset the cost of treatment. 

Your oral health is priceless. Gum disease in its advanced stages is permanent. Investing in timely treatment can save you a lot of pain and costs on expensive procedures down the line. 

Take control of your oral health today by contacting Kong Dental Surgery. We can work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that fits your budget and restores your healthy smile. 

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