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Children’s Dentistry Explained


Children Dentistry Singapore

Children require oral and dental care support from the moment they develop their first baby teeth. Dentistry for children caters dental and oral care specifically to children from the age of 0 to 6 months old all the way to the age of 12 years old. Dentists who focus on children’s dentistry treat children’s teeth (also known as baby teeth), and mixed dentition (children with some baby teeth and some adult teeth). 

When you bring your child to a dentist who works primarily with children, you can expect a dentist who is well-informed on what to expect during their developmental years. The dentist can provide recommended steps and dental services to ensure that your child has teeth that develop well. This prevents oral hygiene issues down the road and cuts out any unnecessary costs that might occur from poor dental and oral care. 

What age group of children does children’s dentistry cover? 

Children’s dentistry covers dental services from the time of birth to 12 years old. 

Infants (0 to 6 months)

Infants at the age of 0 to 6 months old have a full set of baby teeth (20 teeth) that are located in the jawbone, under the gums. This set of teeth are also called ‘milk teeth,’ as the primary diet consumed during this period of time is milk. 

Infants (6 to 12 months)

The first teeth that start to erupt in infants aged 6 to 12 months old are their upper and lower incisors (front teeth). The primary molars might also emerge at around 10 to 14 months of age. As a parent, your child might be dealing with a more irregular sleep schedule and a loss of appetite due to the pain and discomfort that they might be experiencing from the growth of their teeth. 

Children (12 to 24 months old)

Children at this age should head for dental examinations and cleanings every 6 months. This is to ensure that their newly grown teeth continue to develop in the right way.

Children’s Dentistry Treatment Process At Kong Dental Surgery

Children Dentistry Singapore

Step 1: Regular Check-Up

Your child will undergo a detailed check-up to assess the development of their teeth. Should your child have any presence of tooth decay, cavities or gum problems, they will also be examined. 

Step 2: Cleaning and Polishing (if required)

Once the check-up has been completed, basic cleaning will be done. At times, polishing may be done if required. If your child has teeth that are prone to tooth decay, fluoride will be applied. 

Step 3: Consultation with Dentist

Our dentist will have a chat with you about the current oral and dental situation of your child. He or she will also advise you on the next steps and educate your child on proper brushing techniques to prevent further dental problems in the long-run. If required, a long-term treatment plan will be detailed for your reference. Treatment will be arranged based on the treatment plan.

Children’s Dentistry Services

At Kong Dental Surgery, we offer your children comprehensive dental care that starts from young.

First Visit To The Dentist

We take the first visit of your child to our dental clinic seriously. The first visit of your child to the dental clinic can be a nerve-wracking experience. It is also the visit that sets the tone and perception of how subsequent dental visits will be like. First impressions matter. This is why we ensure that your child receives ample motivation and assistance during their first visit to help them enjoy, understand and accept dental care. 

During the visit, we take time to introduce your child to the dental process and equipment and tools used. The knowledge of their environment, the dentist, as well as the treatment process can help remove fear and apprehension of visiting the dentist. 

Prophylaxis and Topical Fluoride Application For Teeth Cleaning

Dental prophylaxis thoroughly cleans the teeth of your child. This simple and fuss-free treatment halts the progression of dental diseases and gingivitis. During the procedure, the teeth of your child will be cleaned and polished with a special paste. This is followed up with a protective coat of fluoride gel. Children who visit the dentist every 6 months for their active maintenance are able to maintain optimal oral health and strengthen their teeth against decay and bacteria.

Treatment of Early Childhood Caries (ECC)

Early Childhood Caries (ECC) that are caused by milk from breastfeeding or bottle feeding is common. We help equip new parents with knowledge of ECC to help them avoid future problems that require expensive dental treatments. 

Fissure Sealants To Prevent Cavities

Fissure sealants are a preventative measure used to seal or block off the grooves on the surface of permanent molars. This treatment is done to prevent food traps that can cause cavities. Fissure sealants are used for teeth in children that have deep grooves or that are prone to dental decay. 

Pulpal (Nerve) Treatment To Prevent Loss of Tooth

When a cavity occurs in children, their teeth are more susceptible to nerve infections due to their thinner structure and larger pulps. The pulp houses the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels, which supply nutrients and oxygen to the tooth.

In cases of pulp injury or infection, it is crucial to opt for pulpal treatment rather than extraction. This is necessary to maintain and safeguard the space for the eventual growth of the permanent successor teeth. Losing teeth prematurely can result in crowded or misaligned smiles in the future. This can lead to additional costly interventions. 

Tooth Coloured Fillings 

Only materials that are metal and mercury-free are used to fill the teeth of your children. All materials used are tooth-coloured, which mimics the natural colour of the teeth. Your child can smile confidently without any unsightly silver or black patches in their mouth. 

Stainless Steel Crowns 

Prefabricated stainless steel crowns that are made to accommodate your child’s teeth are used for teeth that are too broken or worn out to be treated with normal fillings. 

Minimal Discomfort Tooth Extractions

The right techniques are used during tooth extraction procedures to help reduce the pain, discomfort and fear of your child to the treatment. 

Anxiety-Reducing Sedation

Children who suffer from severe dental anxiety when visiting the dentist for treatments, are able to undergo sedation to ease anxiety and discomfort.

Children’s Dentistry Cost in Singapore

The cost of children’s dentistry with Kong Dental Clinic is dependent on the type of treatment required. Consultations for children at Kong Dental Surgery costs $15 –  $50 depending on the amount of time needed for the consultation. For cases that require a specialist, it would cost $65 – $105 per consultation. 

If you would like to find out whether Kong Dental Surgery can be the right fit for your child or inquire about the cost of children dentistry services at our clinic, you can reach out to us at any of our clinics.

Children’s Dentistry FAQs

The Singapore Paediatric Dentistry Society and the British Pediatric Dentistry Associations strongly recommend that you should start bringing your child to the dentist before their first birthday. Starting dental trips from an early age can help him or her get used to the dental setting and teach them a valuable lesson about the importance of dental care.

The right dental clinic for your child should focus on two key things: 

  • A deep understanding of how to make your child feel relaxed and non-anxious during their dental appointment
  • Professional knowledge and experience on how to work with baby and growing teeth. 

If you are looking for a dental clinic that is right for your child, here are a quick checklist that you can refer to: 

  1. Does the clinic have the relevant qualifications and expertise to work with children? 
  2. Has the dental clinic demonstrated prior experience in working with children? 
  3. During the consultation, does the dentist have chemistry and rapport with your child
  4. Does the waiting room experience make your child feel relaxed and calm? 

Are there many word-of-mouth recommendations from other parents?

You can get your children to look forward to dental treatment by ensuring that they are prepped for their dental appointment ahead of time. Giving them a heads up helps them get mentally prepared for a dental appointment. 

Some children might be more visual learners so simulating the dental experience in the comfort of your home with toys or their favourite items, can help them understand that dental appointments are fun and beneficial for them. This can also help them associate the visit with positive feelings, instead of being afraid of heading to the dental clinic. 

The most important thing is to never relate dental visits to negative feelings such as punishments.

Yes, you should bring your child to a dentist even if he has special needs. However, it is highly recommended that you visit a dentist who focuses on children with special needs to help ensure that your child receives the most personalised care and treatment.

Baby teeth are important as they play a key part in the oral health and overall development of your child. Having healthy baby teeth: 

  • Allows your child to chew and eat a well-balanced diet
  • Makes space for permanent teeth 
  • Aids in the proper development of the jaw, facial bones and muscles 
  • Assists your child to develop normal speech patterns.

Kong Dental Surgery is a family clinic that has the experience, expertise and technology necessary to help your child have an anxiety and discomfort-free experience. Parents who visit our dental clinic are able to see that we treat their children as if they were our own.

Yes, there is a government subsidy available for children's dental treatment! Parents of children aged 6 years and below are able to utilise funds in the Child Development Account (CDA) or “Baby Bonus” account to help subsidise the cost of dental treatment. 

If you would like to find out more about financing for dental treatment for your child, we encourage you to speak with our dental clinic to find out more about the dental subsidies available for each treatment.

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