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What are
Dental Implants?

A dental implant is made up of a fixture, abutment, and crown. A titanium fixture is surgically drilled into your jawbone, which fuses strongly to your bone through the process of osseointegration. An abutment and crown are then permanently anchored.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. A careful evaluation with X-Ray & CT-Scan may be needed the assessment.

Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Superior Comfort

Dental implants look, feel and function just like your natural teeth. When taken care of, they are pain-free and comfortable. After a while, you won’t even remember your have them!

Although dentures could be lower cost options, patients generally complain of its inconvenience, poorer chewing function and discomfort.

As for dental bridges, drilling in neighbouring healthy teeth is required for bridge support. This damages healthy teeth and causes them to be at higher risk of decay. In comparison, dental implants are more conservative options.

Long Lasting & Reliable

With good dental hygiene, your implant can last a long time. Dental implants provide excellent long-term value and can be a terrific investment in long-term oral health.

Better Chewing Efficiency

Dental implants are strongly rooted in your jawbone just like natural teeth. Over time they will help preserve the jaw bone and significantly reduce bone loss.

Replacing missing teeth with implants allow you to chew your food better and speak more clearly.

Improved Self Esteem

Dental implants give our patients the confidence to smile, eat, and engage in social activities without worrying about how they look or if their dentures will fall out.

Prevents Premature Ageing

Dental implant supports your facial contour and preserves your jawbone, leading to the preservation of a more youthful facial contour.

On the other hand, the loss of teeth could lead to a deformation of your facial contour as there is lack of support for your cheek and lips. Natural teeth could also shift out of position into the “empty” space, giving a more aged look. Without Implants, your teeth may shift into unfavourable positions which may cause complications in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Dental Implants

The simple answer to this is to pay a quick visit to your nearest dental clinic and consult with your preferred dentist! It is advisable to proceed with dental implant treatment only after having a detailed discussion about the pros and cons with your dentist. 

Most patients are suitable candidates for dental implant treatment if they have reasonably good health. Some patients that do not qualify for dental implant treatment are patients who have uncontrolled diabetes as well as high blood pressure. If you suffer from either one of these conditions, it is possible to qualify for dental implant treatment if you have brought your condition under control.

You might need dental implants if you have any of the following conditions: 

  • Missing or unstable teeth that affects your ability to chew and break food down into smaller particles to swallow, 
  • Unable to pronounce words properly because of your missing teeth, 
  • Have lowered self-esteem and confidence because of your missing teeth, 
  • Have severely chipped, broken or worn-down teeth, 
  • Would like to change from dentures to another stable teeth replacement

Dental implant surgery does not and should not hurt as the mouth will be numbed during the surgical procedure. 

When the numbness wears off, you will feel soreness. There might be some pain from the implant site. Your dentist will provide pain medication to help you manage any discomfort that you might feel after the surgery. This discomfort usually lasts for 3 to 5 days and should subside with pain medication. 

If you experience unbearable pain that persists, you should contact your dentist immediately.

Dental implants have a high success rate of 90 to 95%. There are a few factors that increase the success rate of your dental implant treatment: 

  • Healthy gums and strong bone 
  • Quality of bone 
  • The experience of the dentist or specialist

Dental implant surgery with an experienced dentist or specialist has a high chance of success. However, in rare circumstances, dental implants can cause the following side effects: 

  • Infection and inflammation of the gums
  • Nerve damage 
  • Gum, bone and blood vessels injury 
  • Sinus problems that can cause migraines 
  • Implant fracture

If you are considering dental implants but would also like to know what other options are available for you, here are some teeth replacement alternatives: 

  • Dental bridges 
  • Dentures 
  • Implant-supported bridge. 

When choosing between dental implant and dentures, you should consider the following questions before making a decision: 

  • Are you ready to make an investment in dental implants? Dental implants typically cost more than dentures initially. 
  • Are you prepared to make an effort to maintain your dentures? Dentures require greater daily maintenance than dental implants and have to be cleaned daily. 
  • Are you willing to undergo surgery to have better and more permanent teeth? Dental implants treatment is a surgical procedure. If you are more hesitant of undergoing surgery to treat your teeth, dentures might be a better choice. 

If you are considering between dental implants and dentures, it is always a good idea to consult with a dentist who can help assess your current dental condition before making the final decision. 

If you are choosing between dental implants and dental bridges, here are a few things you have to take into consideration: 

  • Dental bridges are generally cheaper than dental implants but might require more maintenance in the long-run. 
  • Dental bridges have a shorter treatment duration than dental implants, but might require more treatment in the future to resolve problems caused by dental bridges (e.g. cavities, tooth decay). 
  • Dental bridges rely on neighbouring teeth for support. They are not built to last a lifetime. 

If you would like to find out more about the pros and cons of dental implants and dental bridges, contact us or head to the clinic nearest you for more information.

Immediate dental implants are faster than traditional dental implants, but they might not be a suitable option for all. 

It is best to check in with your dentist before proceeding with treatment. Only your dentist will be able to provide you with advice on the right treatment for your needs.

Yes you do need to return for regular dental check ups after you have gotten dental implants. The check ups are to ensure that your dental implants have successfully integrated with your bone and are healthy, as well as to maintain the overall health of your teeth and gums. Maintaining the health of your teeth and gums are a sure way of ensuring the longevity of your dental implants. 

The good news is that it is possible to change from dentures to dental implants if that is what you are looking for. However, there are some factors that will need to be considered before you make that switch to dental implants: 

  • The cost of dental implants 
  • Whether there is sufficient bone to hold the implant 
  • Your overall systemic and dental health

You can easily maintain your dental implant by following some simple guidelines: 

  • Visit your dentist regularly and as recommended
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly 
  • Use a mouth rinse after brushing and flossing your teeth 
  • Abstain from smoking 
  • Avoid consumption of sticky or hard foods.

Dental implant treatment at Kong Dental Surgery means getting safer and discomfort-free treatment with our team of experienced clinicians. We utilise tools like dental implant guides to ensure that we are able to deliver precise results for your dental implant treatment. We also offer stronger sedation methods if you require additional numbing support during your surgery. 

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