Root Canal Treatment

This common procedure clears out tooth decay and infection as well as protects the tooth from subsequent infections. It is a safe, effective, and quick way to preserve the quality and appearance of your smile. With our decades of experience in gentle and conservative treatments, you can be saved from constant pain, swelling, and tooth sensitivity.

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What Happens During Root Canal Treatment?

To perform a root canal, an opening in your tooth is made to create access to the infection and debris. Once the infection is removed, the tooth interior is cleaned and sealed. A dental crown is eventually used in most root canal-treated teeth to protect the tooth from fractures and further damage.

Dental crowns offered at our clinics are shaped, coloured, and sized to fit perfectly into your smile while protecting your weakened tooth. Treatment may be completed within 1 to 2 visits. Root canal treatments relieve pain and prevent future discomforts as well.

Root Canal vs Extraction

Here’s a quick guide on the difference between Root Canal Treatment and Extraction

Preserves Your Natural Teeth

Root canal treatment prevents the need for extraction of your infected tooth in certain cases.

Missing teeth can make you self-conscious, affect your ability to bite and chew, cause neighbouring healthy teeth to shift, and have a negative impact on your overall health.

In addition, a tooth will need to be replaced once it is extracted. Options for replacement include dentures, dental bridges or dental implants. Although these are all viable solutions, they may take additional time, and longer recovery periods since these procedures take several steps. Instead of waiting till when your infected tooth worsens and needs to be extracted, an early solution for you could be root canal treatment.

Restores Your Chewing Ability

Once the root canal procedure is completed with a dental crown in place, you will be able to chew painlessly again.

As the infection has been cleared, your basic chewing abilities will be restored. Your restored tooth will look completely natural as dental crowns offered at our clinics are shaped, coloured, and sized to fit perfectly into your smile, while protecting your weakened tooth.

No one will even know that you had a procedure completed!

FAQ About Root Canal Treatments In Singapore

Why do I need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is necessary when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or dies due to bacteria contamination through cracks and/or cavities.

Bacteria can travel through the pulp and enter the alveolar bone, and subsequently causing pain due to acute/chronic infection.

Infection would show symptoms such as sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling, tenderness during percussion and pressure prolonged pain without any stimulants; or there might also be no symptoms at all.

To determine whether the tooth requires root canal treatment, investigations such as x-ray and electrical stimulant tests may be needed.

What does the treatment comprise of?

Treatment will comprise the removal of damaged pulp, followed by the sealing of the canal. Most root canal-treated teeth would eventually require a crown to protect the tooth from fracturing. This treatment may be done in just 1 or 2 appointments! If an infected tooth is left untreated, it can cause serious oral health problems.

Can all teeth be preserved by root canal treatment?

Your dentist will assess the prognosis of the tooth by conducting tests such as x-ray and work out with you if it is worth it to save the tooth by root canal treatment. Often, when a tooth is severely periodontally compromised due to gum disease, it might be more cost-effective to extract the tooth.

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