Root Canal Treatment


Image credit: Esthetique Dental

This procedure is used to treat infected and badly decayed teeth. Also known as endodontic treatment, it is necessary when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected or dies due to bacteria contamination through cracks and/or cavities. Bacteria can travel through the pulp and enter the alveolar bone, and subsequently causing pain due to acute/chronic infection. Infection would show symptoms such as sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling, tenderness during percussion and pressure, prolonged pain without any stimulants; or there might be also be no symptoms at all. To determine whether the tooth requires root canal treatment, investigations such as x-ray and electrical stimulant tests may be needed. Treatment will comprise of the removal of damaged pulp, followed by the sealing of the canal. Most root canal-treated teeth would eventually require a crown to protect the tooth from fracturing. This treatment may be done in just 1 or 2 appointments! If an infected tooth is left untreated, it can cause serious oral health problems. Save your teeth and keep you mouth healthy!