Dental Crown and Bridges

If your tooth is damaged but not lost, a crown can be used to restore its shape, appearance and function.

You may require crowns:

  • As a protective cover for badly decayed or fractured teeth,
  • As a permanent restoration for teeth with large fillings,
  • To correct minor problems in natural teeth (e.g. spacing, irregular shape, discolouration), or
  • If you have had root canal treatment, especially at the posterior teeth.

Crowns can be made of a variety of materials such as ceramic, metal alloys or porcelain fused to metal. A combination of metal and ceramic is used to increase strength and to simulate the appearance of our natural teeth.


With recent innovation, ceramic crowns such as zirconia crowns with the near tensile strength of our natural teeth can be used as posterior (back) teeth. The dentist will advise you on the choice of material depending on your tooth condition.

As the crowns are colour-matched to your natural teeth, it can be hard for even trained professionals to tell which tooth is crowned and which isn’t. They look as natural as it gets, no one would realize that you had a dental crown installed!


On the other hand, bridges are used to replace missing teeth that would eventually cause a set of crooked teeth and a misaligned bite. If you have healthy teeth on each side of a missing tooth, your dentist would file down the 2 healthy teeth so as to prepare them for the bridge. An impression of your teeth is then taken so as to customize the artificial tooth and 2 crowns as one piece (also known as the bridge). The entire process can be done in just 2 visits! Make an appointment with us now to find out more!